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This is a fun, lighthearted workshop. It is a great place to start for people interested in learning more about hypnosis and for practicing hypnotists that want to learn other forms of inductions.

This workshop is a blend of hypnosis fundamental theory & real practical tools that I use all the time with my clients.

Take this workshop and have a friend nearby to practice these tools on! There are no therapy techniques taught here, mainly nervous system regulation, and various ways to get a client into a beautiful trance (where you can then apply your theraputic techniques).

And have fun!

What You Will Learn:

Modern Hypnotic Inductions

Hypnotic Deepeners / Hypnotic Languaging

Brainwave Patterns

Reading Body Language

Regulating A Clients Nervous System

How To Safely Close A Trance State

Key Figures in Hypnosis History

How To Build Rapport With Clients

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